miercuri, 1 decembrie 2010

Soul Mates

I want you to caress your eye's light with the blue of my eyes. Give me your hand. I'll keep you as long as I keep my life. I'm happy. I can swear that we will love each other as long as life is. And death. Beyond thought. Gulls can be heard screaming after our lost paradise. I want to hear you sigh. Let me see your smile. Let me hear your voice. My hand is shaking to your temple and if I’ll make you a sign you are becoming a sigh, a transparent tear that shines on an old memory. Do not forget. Pain fills my eyes with tears. I've never loved anyone like that. And nothing. You disturbed me and you’ll have the glow of the spring that I first sink in. From where I was born. We blow in the wind tears that still have springs.
My love, you climb slowly in my mind, in my eyes and in ears, I can hear your rustle steps slowly even in my room. Sit down beside me. I want to smell and hear your blood boiling. You always have to believe in my love. You will always be. I will always be here. With you. Here and now. Always. More than life and more than death I love you! We are two souls in one body. Soul mates, beyond time, beyond space, beyond everything.
" Soul Mates" 2010 by: Ana Emilia Matei
Medium: Acrylic on canvas
Description: 48"-36"-1,75" 123cm-92cm-4,5cm

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