miercuri, 1 decembrie 2010

Kiss above the clouds

I remember your mouth coming down in waves on my body, seeking for immortality of the eternal moment.
I looked at you, disarmed and stunned by the missed desire that I had in my dreams and now in my blood.
I always loved you, I’m so sure and now I pray so much to God to protect you and shelter our love.
The love that I always had in me is the cross itself and I wear it from heaven to earth and on my way to the groin.
We will always be there in time and space, in dreams and thoughts.
We will always be eagerly embraced, blinded by passions and feelings.
We will not stop, now when we are confident that the good Lord will keep us together always.
And when the meadow full of shine will call us, we'll be there as one. Together above the clouds.
Beyond all! Always!

"Kiss above the clouds" 2010 by: Ana Emilia Matei
Medium:Acrylic on canvas
Description: 48"- 36"- 1,75" 123cm-92cm-4,5cm

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